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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrathskellar 2011

          Well ladies and gents, its that time of year again!  Yes, Halloween is right around the corner - and what better way to celebrate the holiday than to watch Burlesque Beauties perform unsettling routines. Routines that ride the line between "freaky sexy" and "freaky freaky."

            If you are familiar with the Boston Babydolls, you’re probably  aware that Wrathskellar is their most popular show of the year. And for good reason! This time, they've rented out an old store front in Cambridge and decorated it to look like a worn down parlor from the 1920s - perhaps an old whore house..? I guess it depends on what you see.  Anyways, the Babydolls made sure to include all of the crowd favorites from last year - like The Lost Girl’s Marienntte routine (my 2010 personal favorite) as well as the Borad’s Heroine Striptease to the song “I get High”.  But I have to say the new newly chorographed routines really stole the show this year.

            Miss Mina’s take on a beast tamer featured the other girls dressed as caged beasts, escaping from captivity and clawing the clothes off of their tamer's body.  Another fan favorite was Betty Blaize's embodiment of a Hindu goddess. Her multiple arms were both technically awesome and equally beautiful.  But my favorite was Fonda Feeling and her impressive Lyra routine.  (If you don’t know what a Lyra, is you must look it up).  She displayed incredible strength and grace in the air-  and seeing this in such a close intimate space brought her performance to another level.

            So, if you are looking for something sexy, creative and down right creepy to help bring in the Halloween sprit, then Wrathskellar is the show for you.  Make sure you buy tickets in advance at because this space fills up fast!

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