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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sex and Occupy Wall Street

This past weekend, I couldn't resist checking out NYC's Financial District and the thousands of Occupy Wall Street Protesters filling the downtown area.   I don't want to get into details of whether or not I agree with the beliefs of the protesters, but I will express my admiration for their fight.  I also admire their grass-roots peace campaign regarding change in our nation.

I could go on about this topic but I'm here to blog about sex - not about politics - and my ears have perked up every time I hear reporters talking about the "mid-sixties hippie sex" that is also occupying wall st. Some of the articles I've read have been using this "hippy sex" as a means to call these protester's unsavory. But honestly, what to they expect? Naturally, when a bunch of young people are camped out in one spot, there's bound to be some sex. And this protest is no exception.

So far, there were a few reports of some onlookers complaining about a box of free condoms kept in the main camping area - basically encouraging sex. There were also some reports complaining about the excessive nudity seen downtown - although I personally did not see any when I was there.  But the biggest complaint so far seems to be about the sexual activity happening in tents and in sleeping bags.

Now I'm not voicing my support of sex in public places, but I don't feel sex should be used as means to attack the people that are protesting. Sex is natural - and we're (mostly) used to it happening behind closed doors. Move people outside for a few weeks and that pretty much means that sex is going to happen outside. If you want to attack these people for their for their reasons or means of protesting, thats one thing. But using the fact that they're having sex outside as a means to demonize them seems a little silly. 

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