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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costumes for Perverts

What the hell has Happened to Halloween?  Remember when good men would dress up as Frankenstein, their favorite superhero or a pirate?  Now everything has some sort of a sexual innuendo and it actually deems difficult tofind a men or women's costumes that isn't sexualized.  Here are a few of my favorites this year! 

The Shocker

I'd hate to see the what the coordinating woman's costume looks like.

Italian Sausage Costume

Bon Appetit!

Camel Toe Costume

I've seen this woman using the stair master at my gym MANY times!

Magic Lamp Costume

If I rub it can I wish for him to go away?

Scary Banana Costume

This is so fucking disturbing.  That is all.

Squirrel and Nuts

The Japanese are always trumping us when it comes to perversion.

Pussy Magnet

Certainly the douchiest costume of 2011.

Pickle Barrel

Sorry guys, but I'm only interested if their Kosher.

Snake Charmer

Just be careful around this one ladies...It spits poison at you.

Hanging Balls 

This costume won't seem so funny when you're in your 70's.

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