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Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Sexy Things to Expect at NY Comic Con This Weekend

In case you didn't hear New York City Comic Con is happening right now.  Here are 5 Sexy reasons  that this year's event is sure to be one of the hottest Geek Extravaganzas!

Sexy Cosplay Girls
Hot geek girls dressed as their favorite characters is a surefire staple every year.  The irony though, is the guys attending can get so enthralled in the comics and panels, that more often than not these girls can be overlooked for the latest Marvel Vs. Capcom Demo.

Jason Momoa aka Conan the Barbarian
Ladies, you may want to bring another pair of undergarmets if you plan on attending this Sunday's Conan The Barbarian panel. The super sexy Game of Thrones star is sure to turn on and entertain... and word has it he's bringing his sword...

Comic writer Ed Brubaker is rumored to make an appearance and speak about his new project "Fatale".  This long-form comic is said to play on this classic female archetype while adding a few horror elements to the mix - sounds like a winning combination. I'm sure some hearts will be ripped out - in more ways than one!

New Clips From The Avengers
Geeks are creaming their pants in suspense regarding this year's Comic Con screening clips from the new Avengers Movie. It features a wonderfully arousing cast sure to turn everyone on. Guys can look forward to seeing Scarlett Johanson reprise her role as Black Widow in a skin tight leather outfit.  While ladies have no shortage of eye candy from Robert Downy Jr. to Jeremy Renner.  But my personal favorite is Chris Hemsworth as Thor, (Sex) God of Thunder.

Stan Lee
And this, ladies and gentlemen is the number one reason that NY Comic Con 2011 is one of the sexiest  Geek events of the year: The man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee will be attending. Heck, if he didn't exist, there might not be a Comic Con, which means none of the above would exist. And lets face it, if you looked this good at 88, you'd be at the top of my list too!

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