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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to keep Sexy During Winter

Ok- so I'm fucking sick of snow!  I'm sick of being cold, slushy and wet.  Winter has a strange effect on me. I can't help but feel less sexy and more of a hot-mess.  But here are some items that can keep us stay cozy and make us feel like sex kittens.

Forget condoms... this is the original love glove.

These furry cuffs are sure to at least keep your wrists warm when she chains you to the bed post.

This knitted lingerie is super cute and I'm sure grandma would be happy to knit one for you if you ask!

Snowed in and bored? Throw a bear-skin rug in front of your fireplace and re-create the covers of your favorite romance novels!

I never understood the purpose of leg warmers- If you're cold then you should be wearing pants.  But I can't argue with how cute these are!  

I think these men's briefs are great for role playing!  Just ask your boy to throw these on - along with a blonde wig - and POOF! He magically turns into Hans, your Swedish love servant.

I'm in love with this vintage inspired pinup knit dress!

This keep-warm winter lingerie ensures that the goods stay warm and toasty 'til ready for use.

Most of these items are made by independent artists and can be found on

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