Gabrielle d'Estrees, 1594

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costumes for Perverts

What the hell has Happened to Halloween?  Remember when good men would dress up as Frankenstein, their favorite superhero or a pirate?  Now everything has some sort of a sexual innuendo and it actually deems difficult tofind a men or women's costumes that isn't sexualized.  Here are a few of my favorites this year! 

The Shocker

I'd hate to see the what the coordinating woman's costume looks like.

Italian Sausage Costume

Bon Appetit!

Camel Toe Costume

I've seen this woman using the stair master at my gym MANY times!

Magic Lamp Costume

If I rub it can I wish for him to go away?

Scary Banana Costume

This is so fucking disturbing.  That is all.

Squirrel and Nuts

The Japanese are always trumping us when it comes to perversion.

Pussy Magnet

Certainly the douchiest costume of 2011.

Pickle Barrel

Sorry guys, but I'm only interested if their Kosher.

Snake Charmer

Just be careful around this one ladies...It spits poison at you.

Hanging Balls 

This costume won't seem so funny when you're in your 70's.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sex and Occupy Wall Street

This past weekend, I couldn't resist checking out NYC's Financial District and the thousands of Occupy Wall Street Protesters filling the downtown area.   I don't want to get into details of whether or not I agree with the beliefs of the protesters, but I will express my admiration for their fight.  I also admire their grass-roots peace campaign regarding change in our nation.

I could go on about this topic but I'm here to blog about sex - not about politics - and my ears have perked up every time I hear reporters talking about the "mid-sixties hippie sex" that is also occupying wall st. Some of the articles I've read have been using this "hippy sex" as a means to call these protester's unsavory. But honestly, what to they expect? Naturally, when a bunch of young people are camped out in one spot, there's bound to be some sex. And this protest is no exception.

So far, there were a few reports of some onlookers complaining about a box of free condoms kept in the main camping area - basically encouraging sex. There were also some reports complaining about the excessive nudity seen downtown - although I personally did not see any when I was there.  But the biggest complaint so far seems to be about the sexual activity happening in tents and in sleeping bags.

Now I'm not voicing my support of sex in public places, but I don't feel sex should be used as means to attack the people that are protesting. Sex is natural - and we're (mostly) used to it happening behind closed doors. Move people outside for a few weeks and that pretty much means that sex is going to happen outside. If you want to attack these people for their for their reasons or means of protesting, thats one thing. But using the fact that they're having sex outside as a means to demonize them seems a little silly. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Sexy Things to Expect at NY Comic Con This Weekend

In case you didn't hear New York City Comic Con is happening right now.  Here are 5 Sexy reasons  that this year's event is sure to be one of the hottest Geek Extravaganzas!

Sexy Cosplay Girls
Hot geek girls dressed as their favorite characters is a surefire staple every year.  The irony though, is the guys attending can get so enthralled in the comics and panels, that more often than not these girls can be overlooked for the latest Marvel Vs. Capcom Demo.

Jason Momoa aka Conan the Barbarian
Ladies, you may want to bring another pair of undergarmets if you plan on attending this Sunday's Conan The Barbarian panel. The super sexy Game of Thrones star is sure to turn on and entertain... and word has it he's bringing his sword...

Comic writer Ed Brubaker is rumored to make an appearance and speak about his new project "Fatale".  This long-form comic is said to play on this classic female archetype while adding a few horror elements to the mix - sounds like a winning combination. I'm sure some hearts will be ripped out - in more ways than one!

New Clips From The Avengers
Geeks are creaming their pants in suspense regarding this year's Comic Con screening clips from the new Avengers Movie. It features a wonderfully arousing cast sure to turn everyone on. Guys can look forward to seeing Scarlett Johanson reprise her role as Black Widow in a skin tight leather outfit.  While ladies have no shortage of eye candy from Robert Downy Jr. to Jeremy Renner.  But my personal favorite is Chris Hemsworth as Thor, (Sex) God of Thunder.

Stan Lee
And this, ladies and gentlemen is the number one reason that NY Comic Con 2011 is one of the sexiest  Geek events of the year: The man, the myth, the legend, Stan Lee will be attending. Heck, if he didn't exist, there might not be a Comic Con, which means none of the above would exist. And lets face it, if you looked this good at 88, you'd be at the top of my list too!

For more events check out New York Comic Con 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrathskellar 2011

          Well ladies and gents, its that time of year again!  Yes, Halloween is right around the corner - and what better way to celebrate the holiday than to watch Burlesque Beauties perform unsettling routines. Routines that ride the line between "freaky sexy" and "freaky freaky."

            If you are familiar with the Boston Babydolls, you’re probably  aware that Wrathskellar is their most popular show of the year. And for good reason! This time, they've rented out an old store front in Cambridge and decorated it to look like a worn down parlor from the 1920s - perhaps an old whore house..? I guess it depends on what you see.  Anyways, the Babydolls made sure to include all of the crowd favorites from last year - like The Lost Girl’s Marienntte routine (my 2010 personal favorite) as well as the Borad’s Heroine Striptease to the song “I get High”.  But I have to say the new newly chorographed routines really stole the show this year.

            Miss Mina’s take on a beast tamer featured the other girls dressed as caged beasts, escaping from captivity and clawing the clothes off of their tamer's body.  Another fan favorite was Betty Blaize's embodiment of a Hindu goddess. Her multiple arms were both technically awesome and equally beautiful.  But my favorite was Fonda Feeling and her impressive Lyra routine.  (If you don’t know what a Lyra, is you must look it up).  She displayed incredible strength and grace in the air-  and seeing this in such a close intimate space brought her performance to another level.

            So, if you are looking for something sexy, creative and down right creepy to help bring in the Halloween sprit, then Wrathskellar is the show for you.  Make sure you buy tickets in advance at because this space fills up fast!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Temptress

Wow, I am feeling both inspired and turned on today.  Lately I’ve been dabbling in the subject of the Temptress.  What makes a temptress, you ask? Well to start, she's confident sexy, smart, cunning woman that always gets her way.  She has a way of wrapping men around her finger - not just her lovers, but all men.  Throughout history, the temptress (and women in general) have been given a pretty bad wrap. But I give them a lot of credit for going after what they want.  I only hope to one day embody a smidgen of the sensuality that these pleasure seekers have.  Here are a few of my personal favorites!  Enjoy!


Lilith wasn't just the first bad girl... she was the first girl. Yes, ladies and gentleman, according to Jewish folklore Lilith was actually Eve's predecessor and created as Adam's equal.  Lilith celebrated her flesh and body and wanted to experiment with sexuality.  Adam on the other hand, insisted on the missionary position every time they made love.  Talk about no fun...  Anyways, according to the "Alphabet of Ben Sira" she was banished from paradise when she screamed the unspeakable name of God. And like most big timers who fall from glory, she went on a giant party binge - mostly involving drugs and demon sex.  The fun didn't last too long though. Obviously demon sex leads to demon babies and Lilith ended up birthing hundreds. Then she moved on murdering human babies. And you thought Lindsey Lohan hit rock bottom. To think... it all started because she was tired of Adam being on top. Its no wonder why women feel so guilty about doing what makes them happy.  For thousands of years, women were taught to submit to our men's needs and not follow our own pleasures....Or we might end up crazy and alone with lots of screaming demon babies....


I'm sure we're all are familiar with Cleopatra. But did you know about the steamy hot sessions she had with her slaves? Well, it turns out Cleopatra would offer slaves to pleasure her for the night - as long as they agreed to be executed by morning. And a lot of her slaves took up on her offer, ensuring that this desert queen was anything but dry. But I can see this scenario being a win for both parties: The men would have their life of slavery cut short in exchange for a night of passion with queen - no problems there. And Cleopatra never had to feel guilty or awkward about her one-night-stands because they were all dead. Ultimately, Cleopatra lead Egypt the best way she knew how - using her brains and sexuality.  Both are critical to a temptress.  If only our politicians could let loose a little more like Cleopatra...

"Oh hey Scott Brown!"


Vivien was the protegee of the the Mythical wizard Merlin.  She started out as Merlin's student and begged him to teach her everything he knew. Merlin was reluctant because he knew if he shared his magical secrets, Vivien would also share his powers.  But like any good temptress, she got exactly what she desired.  Opening him up to sensual sensations wilder than any magic the old wizard knew, she had Merlin at her feet in no time... And after getting what she wanted, she cast a love spell that imprisoned him in a crystal cave forever.  If only Miss Lewinsky was as cunning as Vivien...who knows?  She could be leading our country instead of designing ugly handbags.  


Mae West

Mae West was certainly not the thinnest woman, nor did she have the prettiest face.  But she oozed sexuality from every fiber of her being. Actor Anthony Quinn once said "her merely walking on stage she caused men to get dizzy and light headed"  She loved herself more than any other man could and it drove guys crazy.  West was witty, confident and really damn funny - a killer combination! Her curvy figure didn't hurt either. "Cultivate your curves," she's been quoted saying, "- they may be dangerous but they won't be discarded."  Take that Rachel Zoe!

The Bond Girls
I remember as a girl I couldn't take my eyes off of the old 1960's bond girls. They possessed a kick ass combination of tenacity and lustiness when they tried to foil the crafty James Bond.  Some of these characters were the ultimate femme fetale's who tended to be the villain's accomplice while others were just mere eye-candy that distracted Bond from his task at hand.  Plus with names like "Pussy Galore" and Holly Goodhead how could Bond resist? 

Naomi Harris rumored to be the new Bond Girl  

All in all, the power of these temptresses stems from the power of their sexuality. It's a little scary how much influence sexuality can have - or maybe it's how easily men give in to a woman's sexuality. Either way, the power of the temptress was a force to be reckoned with throughout history and will continue to be for as long as men lust.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eel Slithers Up Man's Penis

Semi-breaking news for the squeamish ! Yesterday, it was reported that a Chinese man, with hopes of looking years younger, underwent a bizarre spa treatment involving bathing with live eels.  These eels are said to help take off dead skin cells on the body. But one particular eel slithered up the man's urethra instead!  The startled man from Honghu told reporters that he "tried to grab a hold of the eel on it's way in, but it slipped away." Ooohh! So close, yet so far... Anyways, the crafty thing apparently swam all the way into the man's bladder, which lead to a 3 hour surgery to remove it. He's currently in stable in condition, but I'm willing to bet he's still a little shaken up. I know my male friends were from hearing this story.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

List: Hottest Male Cartoon Characters

I don't care what people say-cartoon characters can be sexy!  Smart and charming.  Brave and Daring.  Perfectly chiseled bodies...  True, they're not real but neither was Jack from Titanic.  And it's because their not real that they can be so damn hott.  Here are a few of my faves...

By far, the sexiest cartoon character! He had that whole herion chic rocker thing going on... And having grown up in the 90s, I can see why Daria thought that was sexy.

He-Man fought evil in nothing but a pair of boots and some furry underwear. He also had the most masculine name ever. There's no doubt in my mind he "had the power" to make some women happy.

Arrogant, vain and an all around jerk... I know what you're thinking, "Why Gaston?  He's a dick." Well ladies, tell me you haven't ever been hott for a real life Gaston at one point or another...

John Hamm is really hot. Now imagine if John Hamm were a spy. That's Archer. Need I say more?

Fred kind of had that hott mimbo thing going on.  I always thought it was funny how he insisted on the gang split up - and he would always go off with Daphne. I also thought it was funny that the pair never really found any clues.

Larry the Lobster
Larry the Lobster is the hottest guy on the beach. He's also super buff. But best of all, under all those muscles and good looks, he's a genuinely nice guy. I'd say he's the full package... except he's a lobster.

When I ask women which cartoon character they'd most likely sleep with (and yes, I ask this a lot) they say "Aladdin".  He's funny, he's tan and he takes his lady on magic carpet rides. What other straight guy can pull off that purple vest with nothing underneath?

Characters That Didn't Make the Cut

Ripster from Street Sharks


Inspector Gadget

Johnny Bravo

Biker Mice from Mars

Ned Flanders

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fuck You, Valentines Day!

Alas, the dreaded Valentines Day has snuck up again.  A time good men forget, and then rush out last minute to buy their women gifts.  A time when singles resent every couple they come in contact with.  I ask, “why is there so much pressure on this holiday?  Why do we torture ourselves?”  Even I’ll admit I’ve let this holiday get the best of me. 

The love of my life happens to be in NYC for the week. Thus, I am alone today.  As soon as I woke up, I went right into sulk mode, feeling bad for myself.  I didn’t even want to get out of bed.  But then I had a short meditation break (I know so “Zen” of me) and I decided to own this holiday with or without my boyfriend.  I am making a conscious decision to look as hott as possible today. Today, I’m going to fall for myself and be my own valentine.  I’m going to get my nails done - possibly go buy myself some sexy perfume.  I’m going to flirt with everyone I see and speak to. I’m going to make this day as pleasant as possible.  Disclaimer: This is not about making my fabulous boyfriend jealous. This is about feeling alive and sexy.  I’m talking about innocent flirting…

The point is, I refuse to let this day get the best of me.  I wish men and women would make everyday like Valentines Day.  The world would be a better place if we constantly surprised our lovers, had some wild sex (with someone or alone) and shared our love with everyone. That’s what life is all about…right?  So why put all the pressure on one day?  Sexy outfits, surprise gifts, awesome dates and passionate sex can happen any day of the year! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to keep Sexy During Winter

Ok- so I'm fucking sick of snow!  I'm sick of being cold, slushy and wet.  Winter has a strange effect on me. I can't help but feel less sexy and more of a hot-mess.  But here are some items that can keep us stay cozy and make us feel like sex kittens.

Forget condoms... this is the original love glove.

These furry cuffs are sure to at least keep your wrists warm when she chains you to the bed post.

This knitted lingerie is super cute and I'm sure grandma would be happy to knit one for you if you ask!

Snowed in and bored? Throw a bear-skin rug in front of your fireplace and re-create the covers of your favorite romance novels!

I never understood the purpose of leg warmers- If you're cold then you should be wearing pants.  But I can't argue with how cute these are!  

I think these men's briefs are great for role playing!  Just ask your boy to throw these on - along with a blonde wig - and POOF! He magically turns into Hans, your Swedish love servant.

I'm in love with this vintage inspired pinup knit dress!

This keep-warm winter lingerie ensures that the goods stay warm and toasty 'til ready for use.

Most of these items are made by independent artists and can be found on