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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saving Ryan's Privates

Over my holiday break, someone mentioned a downloadable computer game called "Privates". They said it would be right up my alley (in terms of subject matter, at least) and boy were they right! Privates, (developed by Zombie Cow Studios) is an old school side scrolling game that takes place inside of a woman's vajayjay (along with some other parts too).

Yes... Those are pubes...
Basically, you take control of a tiny little Marine leader and his squad as they tackle their most treacherous mission yet - cleaning out the disease infested body of some wild young woman (I like to imagine them helping one of the Jersey Shore cast members). Each solder is equipped with four different types of treatments (depending on what disease they're fighting) and come prepared with little condom helmets. The game is informative, but I wouldn't go as far to call it educational. Its really just hilarious.

Hold back those sperm!!!
Its too bad that this game wasn't allowed to be released on Xbox Live as the subject matter was a little too risque. But it is available for download on your PC - and from what I've heard, its a pretty good game (although there is one especially challenging part with a morning after pill and trying to hold off a huge wave of sperm) Never the less, if you're into sex (which most of you are) and into video games (which some of you are) this could be your dream come true! Who wouldn't want to blast away some virtual gonorrhea?

For a better idea of the game, check out the trailer below. And if you want to download it, click here for a link.

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  1. I heard about this game a couple of months ago! I'd love to actually play it before forming an opinion...but I have to admit that I'm a little unhappy that it's all on a woman's body. But I also get that some dudes might not be too keen on running around another dude's junk :)