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Thursday, December 16, 2010

F***able Figure Skaters

With winter around the corner, I'm getting ready for one of my favorite winter activities: Ice Skating. Aside from watching Skating with the Stars, I actually used to be a competitive figure skater (used to being the key words). I had a lot of role models in the sport growing up. Now I can look back at them and not only admire how talented they are, but how sexy some of them were. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sasha Cohen
Sasha always came off as the innocent "school girl" type. But a lot of my guy friends think she's super sexy. As she's gotten older, she's take a few provocative pictures (like the one above) and has started to get a little more risque. I'd love to call her the Brittney Spears of Skating, but I'm still waiting for her panty-less crotch shot.

Johnny Weir
The true Queen of Figure Skating (In my opinion at least).  Not only does he make his own sequened costumes, but he looks better in them than most females.  He's sassy and makes no apologies. He's a bit of spice on the ice.

Evan Lysacek
He's a 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist and yes ladies he's straight!  He won TV's Dancing With The Stars last season so we know he can move his hips on and off the ice!

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto
I wanted to include at least one couple on this list because ice dancing is pretty much choreographed sex. And while these two aren't a real life couple, they have great chemistry and they're both really hot. If there's one couple I'd love to see have sex on the ice, its these two.

Surya Bonaly
 I couldn't find any information on Bonaly's sexual orientation although the French Native did have a cameo on Will and Grace... Hmmmm. Other than that, she's known for her notorious backflip on the ice. Makes me wonder what she can do in bed...

Katarina Witt
Witt certainly wasn't the best skater in the 90's but she was definitely one of the hottest. Think Anna Kournikova on ice.  The difference? In 1998, Hugh Hefner invited her to pose on the cover of playboy and we're still waiting for Anna's pics. 

Kurt Browning 
Kurt was one of my crushes growing up even though he had two strikes against him--he was balding and he was Canadian.  (Kidding)  He's also known to please a crowd (and a lady or two). 

Rudy Galindo
Rudy Galindo is my favorite figure skater of all time.  I think of him as the Prince of figure skating... not as in royalty. As in the semi-flamboyant, purple draped, sex bomb singer. But Rudy is actually gay.

Tonya Harding
To my knowledge Tonya Harding is the only professional figure skater to release a sex tape.  True, its not the hottest video on the Internet, but her husband (at the time) Jake Gillooly had a nice 80's porn star look going on.

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