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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Situation and Bristol Palin on "Safe Sex"

This week, dancing with the Stars Contestants Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of MTV's Jersey Shore and Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin) teamed up in a Safe Sex PSA (VIDEO BELOW) for the Candie's Foundation. Hmmm... Talk about irony. But irony aside, this whole video really rubbed me the wrong way. Its not just the bad jokes, or the bad acting, or that the word "situation" is used so many times, it looses all meaning. It’s that I almost feel like this PSA mocking safe sex. Trust me, I'm all for humorous PSAs. But this one just missed the mark.

Lets start with Bristol. As much as don't agree with Sarah Palin, I honestly have to give her daughter credit on becoming a safe sex advocate. She swallowed her pride, admitted her mistake and now speaks from a place of experience. But I have a problem with Bristol being an advocate for abstinence alone.  Columbia University conducted a study a few years back and they found that out of 12,000 teens that made the abstinence pledge, 88 percent of them ended up engaging in pre-marital sex.  Lets face the facts... abstinence might be the safest option, but its not a "safe sex" option because its simply "not sex". For Bristol herself to take a vow of abstinence is a fine personal decision. But we all know she took that vow after already having sex - and unprotected sex at that. So now, because she's suddenly reformed, she thinks teens are going to listen to her?  C'mon... 

Add The Situation to the mix and you've got one hot-mess of a campaign.  I've seen every episode of the two seasons of Jersey Shore (don't judge me... it's a guilty pleasure) and I know that if I held a Safe Sex Campaign, The Situation is the last person I'd hire as a spokesperson.  He comes off as a sexist, chauvinistic man-whore  that sleeps with multiple women every night.  I seriously doubt he wraps it up every time he bangs a girl in the jacuzzi. And I'm even more doubtful he's disease free. 

But as much as I want to bash these two shmucks, the blame should really fall on the Candie's Foundation.  I did some research and I know their heart is in the right place - Anyone who advocates safe sex rather than ignore the topic completely deserves a round of applause in my book.  But the foundation only focuses on preventing teen pregnancy (and not necessarily STDs). The fact that The Situation even mentions condoms in this PSA is a whole new direction for The Candies Foundation. So perhaps the core of the problem here is that I don't agree with the "one way" direction the foundation takes. But having these two celebrities who represent the opposite of what their preaching certainly doesn't help their case.

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