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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sexual Moments in Star Wars

While I'm deeply saddened by the death of actor Leslie Nielsen, Hollywood lost another legend this past weekend: Director Irvin Kershner. During his career, Kershner directed a Robocop movie as well as a James Bond movie. But there's no doubt he was best known for directing the The Empire Strikes Back - arguably the best film in the entire Star Wars saga.

I wanted to start this week off by honoring Kershner (and the Star Wars fans in mourning) with a list of the "Most Sexual Star Wars Moments" But I'm no Star Wars expert. So I've brought a guest writer to help me out (my boyfriend, Ben Famiglietti). With his vast knowledge of geekdom, he was actually able to pull together a list of the five most sexual moments in the Star Wars movies - which actually aren't all that sexual. Never the less, here's the list!

5:  No Bras in Space

   I know Princess Leia isn't the hottest heroin to ever hit the big screen. But having grown up on the original Star Wars trilogy, she holds a special place in my heart. I think she looks pretty damn cute in that first scene of A New Hope... not to mention the fact that she's isn't wearing a bra. George Lucas actually told Carrie Fisher not to wear a bra because he explained "there's no underwear in space." Something about your body expanding when you're weightless and the bra strangling you... Sounds like a lousy excuse if you ask me.

          4: Padme in Attack of the Clones
         Attack of the Clones is pretty difficult for me to sit through. But I'll admit it gets a little better toward the end - partially because thats when the action really begins and partially because Padme throws on that super sexy, skin-tight white outfit. While hot Natalie Portman scenes are a dime a dozen these days, I don't think there was anything better at the time. And while I'm not really a fan of the new trilogy, it would be shame to not include Natalie Portman somewhere on this list.

       3: The Incestuous Kiss

I don't care who you are; the Luke - Leia kiss doesn't sit well with anyone. It wasn't a big deal "for luck" in A New Hope. But the full, open mouth kiss in the beginning of Empire is just weird. I know people argue that she was just trying to make Han jealous... but it still doesn't change the fact that she kissed her brother. And after Luke reveals the truth to her in Return of Jedi, she tells him that "somehow she always knew." If that's true, than that kiss must have felt as awkward for her as it did for the rest of us. 

        2. Oola's Forgotten Nipple Slip

There is no nudity in the Star Wars movies. But there used to be. In Return of the Jedi, Jaba's slave dancer Oola actually had a brief moment of accidental nudity. While pleading with Jabba not to drop her into the Rancor pit, actress Femi Taylor's boob fell out - and that take somehow made it into the final cut of the movie. Of course, the effects geniuses over at ILM had no problem digitally removing the nipple for the Special Edition. I'd argue its the third worst thing they removed from the saga (behind the Original Anakin Skywalker and Han shooting first, of course)

        1. The Infamous Golden Bikini

Anyone who has seen the Star Wars movies knows that the sexual peak of the series was undoubtedly Princess Leia's slave outfit in Return of the Jedi. This outfit has since become a staple in the geek world - and will be forever. It seems every year, no matter what, there's at least one sexy slave bikini Leia at every Comic Con across the country. And while Leia may not be sexiest heroin ever, she definitely introduced us to one of the sexiest sci-fi outfits of all time. Just look at Oliva Munn and tell me I'm wrong!


  1. Good article, yet very gender-baised. For example, you've forgotten everything regarding Han Solo, who is sex-personified - the swagger; the open shirt that shows the top of his chest and just a hint of chest air; etc. Or Lando Calrissian coming on to Leia. There has to be more. C'mon ladies, need some more female perspective of Star Wars :)

  2. Thanks Daphne! Sadly it is so Gender Biased because Ben wrote most of this one! I promise there will be another entry in the future mentioning Hans Solo's swagger and the yummy, chocolaty Lando Calrissian!

  3. Heroine. Not heroin. Heroin is a dangerous drug. A female hero is a heroine.