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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Discreet Sex Toys

In honor of National Sex Toy Day (November 4th) I wanted to post some of my favorite "discreet" sex toys. One thing that sometimes discourages women from buying vibrators is figuring out a place to hide them.  Well, worry no more! These vibrators are so discreet, you could leave them in plain sight and no one would ever second guess them to be pleasure devices.  

Keep it in your purse, then tell your co-workers you need to go "reapply" your lipstick after a heated meeting.

Who would second guess this cute purple ducky sitting on your bathtub? And even if your kids get a hold of it and accidentally turn it on, you can tell them its a ducky that swims!

The best part about this one: its actually a fully functional pen. Just don't accidentally turn it on while writing. I'm sure it doesn't work too well that way.

This toy is awesome because it uses the music from your ipod and vibrates to the beat of any song.  Start out slow by listening to a soft love song... maybe something by Richard Marx. Then heat things up with some German techno!

At first glance, this may appear to be a strawberry... but its actually a bath sponge... that is actually a vibrator! Woah... A sex toy disguised as house hold object, disguised as something else. Its like the movie Inception!

If I saw this fall out of a women's purse, my first assumption would definitely not be vibrator. I would probably think she were a Pokemon Trainer...

All of these innovative and discreet toys are linked below if you wish to purchase one in honor of National Sex Toy Day.  Most of these toy's come from one of my favorite Sex Toy sites Eden's Fantasys

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