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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spray on Condoms

A German man named Jan Krause has been developing a condom that sprays onto male genitals.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Gone are the days of struggling in the heat of the moment to get that annoying little package open!  Now you can enjoy all fun of safe sex with the ease and convenience of Binaca breath freshener!

Actually… it’s not quite there yet.  Krause has had the product in developmental stages since 2006. As of now, it can only be sprayed on when hard, plus you have to wait three minutes (for it to dry) before getting down to business. Talk about a buzz kill.  But still, I have to give this guy credit.  I see the potential.

The real reason behind Krause’s invention is actually size. For his entire adult life, Kraus has had trouble finding a condom that fit him properly. For the record, he doesn’t share whether commercial condoms are too snug or too loose.  But I see the importance of something like this. Take away the technicalities and I would even dare call this product ingenious.  A spray-on condom that fits every man perfectly – this is a real breakthrough in sexual technology.  

Kraus himself admits that this product is long from being seen on drug store shelves.  So, in the meantime he has another product in the works: Condoms that come in six sizes, other than the standard ones.  Kraus is determined to give every man condom that fits properly!  Hats off to a true sexual pioneer!


  1. So what do you do while you wait for it to dry? Is it like nail polish? Can you not smudge it?