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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Museum of Sex

A couple of months ago, I took personal sabbatical and visited places that inspire me.  Of course, one of the first museums on my list was the Museum of Sex in NYC.  Even though it felt a tad creepy, I decided to go alone to really take everything in… haha get it?   As I entered the first exhibit room, I was greeted with dozens of antique vibrators, which looked more like power drills with suction cup attachments.  Turns out that in the late 1800’s vibrators were actually considered medical tools. Tools for what, you may ask? They were used to help treat women who were diagnosed with hysteria. Weather or not you consider the modern day vibrator to be a medical tool would depend on why you use it. Personally, I know my vibrator treats at least one form of hysteria. 

Next was the Condom exhibit, which was unbelievable.  They had dozens of vintage dispensers, condoms and packaging from different decades.  Here’s a fun fact I learned - One of the first condom producers in the United States was, strangely enough, a sausage maker from NYC.   He realised that his tasty sausage casings doubled as condoms. Also in this exhibit were haute couture gowns, of course made entirely of condoms. While not the most fashionable dresses, they do guarantee you won’t leave home without protection.

My favorite piece of the entire museum was entitled “Fist” by artist Franco B.  This was a sculpture made of hundreds of used condoms set in resin. The artist actually found each of these condoms in various Gay clubs during the 90’s. Yes, I know it sounds gross but when I looked at it, I realized how many stories were stuck in that sculpture. Behind every used condom, there is a story, be it kinky, romantic or tragic.

Anyways, I’d tell you more but you should really just go there and check it out first hand. The Museum of Sex is an educational and fun experience that also makes you feel a bit naughty.  I saw chastity belts from the 1700’s; retro sexploitation films and even a wearable suit that makes women look like sex dolls.  I recommend the museum of sex to adults of all ages.  Don’t worry, after the first five minutes you begin to loosen.  Tickets are $16.75 and on their website they have a $3.00 off admission coupon.  

For the official Museum of Sex website click here.

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