Gabrielle d'Estrees, 1594

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Skanky Halloween Costumes

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry on skanky Halloween costumes inspired from my childhood memories.  This week, I thought I'd continue the theme of untraditional slutty costumes with another batch. While this next bunch doesn't really remind me of my childhood, many of them remind me of inanimate objects from my house. These days it seems like nothing is safe from becoming a trashy costume. 

Popcorn Costume

You know that ol' "hole in the popcorn" trick. Well this one comes with the hole already in it. 

Chinese Take-Out Costume

Nothing says "Eat Out" better than Chinese food to-go.  

Nun Costume

There is something sexy (and ironic) about a scantily clad nun. Especially when she asks you to get on you knees. 

Guitar Costume

Wear this and you're just asking to get played...

Remote Control Costume

Turn her on and take control, all with the touch of a button! And best of all, guys - she has a mute button.

Graduate Costume

Some graduate on the top of the deans list. And some graduate on top of the dean.

Shower Costume

Those faucet-handle nipples are sure to turn her on! Being that she's a blond, I'm tempted to call this costume a golden shower.

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  1. The "golden shower" comment cracked me up and was terribly disturbing at the same time!