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Sunday, September 26, 2010

If Men Had Vaginas

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing comedian Louis CK at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston.  First off, for whoever doesn't know Louis CK, you need to check this guy out.  He has a new TV show called Louis on FX and it's pretty fucking funny, not to mention really well done.  He's a brutally honest guy that's not afraid to "go there."  He started one of his bits by asking "What if men had vaginas?"  The thought of a naked man's torso with a Brazilian waxed vagina was creepy.  Women, he explained, put the time and effort into caring for their cooters.  I mean think about it ladies, we shave, wax, tend to our monthly needs, lotion, douche and sometimes vagazzle.  Having a vagina is like having a pet.  True, some men shave and lotion regularly, but we generally call these men homosexuals.  But no matter how well some men take care of their "tools", Louis CK pointed out that if men did have vaginas, they would probably break them during a rigorous masturbation session.  I'll leave you with a final thought from Louis CK on the subject of rough sex.

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