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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Freaks in the Sheets

Image taken from Madonna's Book, Sex

I know we all have our own weird fetish stories. Some of us choose not to share them. Some of us have shared them with friends. And some of us have shared them with me! So today, in honor of hump day, I thought I’d share a few great fetish stories I’ve heard from all of you.

One friend has a really hot fetish - while having sex he rips his partner’s clothes off.  This is not an expression. I don’t mean he “undresses his partner aggressively.” I mean he literally grabs her shirt and tears it off of her back. Before having sex, he would take his partner’s pants off, but leave her shirt on for the grand finale. Right before the final moment, he would grab her shirt and use his super orgasm strength to tear it shreds. When he told me this story, I couldn’t help but be turned on a little.  It sounds like a scene out of one of those romance novels with Fabio on the cover. But I guess there are two sides to everything. About a month later I was talking to a girl he had been seeing. She told me that while she really liked him, It was starting to get frustrating because he would tear apart all of her favorite tops. 

Nothing seems to get my Gay friends talking like some Chicken parm and a couple of glasses of Sangria.  When I mentioned that I would be writing an entry on Fetish’s last night, they all seemed to perk up.  One friend said that he met a guy online who requested to see a picture of his feet.  Foot fetishes are pretty common these days so he didn’t think anything of it. Plus, the guy had an amazing body so he didn’t really care. When he showed up for a casual rendezvous, the guy insisted that my friend take off his shoes and put on this stranger’s prized pair of Air Jordan’s. Then they hit the gym and had an intense workout. It was clear why this guy had such a great body. After, when they got back to his place, one thing lead to another and the two got down to business. My friend started undressing himself when this piece of man candy demanded that he leave on the Air Jordans. And so he had sex in someone else’s shoes. After all was said and done, he was asked to leave the sneakers where he had found them. Perhaps for the next time this fit young man might find a foot worthy of wearing his legendary sneakers.

Similar to that, another friend at the party said he was briefly seeing a guy who begged him to wear the same pair of socks for one week straight.  Nothing turned this guy on more than the stench of a men's locker room.  And being a good little boyfriend, my friend agreed.  Despite the initial weirdness of the whole thing, he said he’d never seen his boyfriend more turned on. The pair had some of the greatest, most intense sex of their lives that week.
That rounds out our three stories for today. I know this week’s entry was more on male fetishes but fear not! Hump day comes once a week!  I will have another set of titalizing tales next week on freaky females.  

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